Ask H&H: Geoff Luckett’s bridle

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  • I noticed a recent H&H picture of Geoff Luckett riding Pjort in an unusual headpiece. It appears to be curved to sit further back, behind the horse’s poll — do you know what it is and how it works?
    DY, Tayside

    GEOFF tells us Chris Moyce’s Pjort wears the unusual headpiece to help prevent head shaking.

    “It is useful to identify why the horse shakes the head — Pjort doesn’t like much around his ears in the way of bridle work, and this headpiece is nice and simple,” Geoff explains.

    “The horse wears a pelham bit, and I find this headpiece alleviates some of the pressure and makes Pjort more comfortable.”

    Although Geoff wasn’t sure which manufacturer makes the specific one he uses, there are several headpieces that provide extra comfort at the poll.

    For example, Döbert’s padded headpiece is designed for horses with sensitive polls. The headpiece comes in two versions and is said to be ideal for horses with sensitive skin. It is available from Belstane at £14.

    Barnsby’s Comfort Bridle features a padded CB Comfort headpiece, designed to reduce poll pressure and eliminate pinching. The company also produces the FTS Calming Bridle, which features magnets in the crown piece. They say it has a positive effect on the axis vertebrae at the top of the horse’s spine. The manufacturer also claims the headpiece provides a gentle magnetic massage to the poll region, as well as helping to loosen top-line muscles.

    The Comfort Bridle costs £125 and the FTS Calming Bridle is £139.

    Devoucoux produces an ergonomic headpiece (£59) that is compatible with all Devoucoux bridles. It features a loop system that allows the cavesson strap to be fitted over the top of the headpiece, reducing poll pressure.


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    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (16 October 2008)

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