Ask H&H: Carl Hester’s patent bridle

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    See pictures of Carl Hester and the Winter Dressage Championships 2009

    Q: I spotted a picture of Carl Hester riding Sarah Tyler Evans’ Movistar at the Winter Championships in what looks like a sparkling bridle. What is it and where can I get one?
    LM, Yorkshire

    The noseband and browband on Carl’s bridle are made from patent leather. This entails coating normal leather with a lacquer or plastic layer to give a high-gloss finish.

    Why does he use it?

    A fan of Konig’s patent leather riding boots that catch the light, Carl has been trialling Amerigo’s patent leather bridle, which goes on general sale in June.

    The bridle he is pictured using is a double bridle with black padding beneath the browband and noseband. However, there are no diamantes or jewels used to create the “sparkly” effect, which is just a trick of the light on the patent coating.

    What are the alternatives?

    If you want some sparkle outside, away from the lights, websites such as www.dressagedeluxe.co.uk and www.classicdressage.co.uk sell a range of diamante and bejewelled tack.


    Price: £279 (double bridle) and £259 (snaffle)

    Zebra products, tel: 01942 681002 www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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    Want to see pictures of Carl Hester and the Winter Dressage Championships 2009?

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