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    Q: I saw Ruth Edge riding PC Wilson at Floors Castle in May with an unusual-looking breastplate and wondered if you could tell me what make it is and in what way it is different?
    AW, South Wales

    Ruth Edge tells us her breastplate is the Auriga breastplate from Passier’s Basic Line. The manufacturers state it “prevents the saddle slipping backwards in the take-off phase, and does not cause any pressure points”.

    How does the Auriga breastplate work?

    The Auriga is said to give the horse maximum freedom at the shoulders, replacing the need for both a martingale and hunting breastplate.

    “I find the Auriga breastplate really good and have used it on several different horses, including PC Wilson,” said Ruth.

    “It’s great if you have trouble keeping the saddle forward, especially when the horses are muscular and fit.

    “The breastplate doesn’t inhibit the shoulder area – it gives the horse maximum freedom of movement over fences.”

    Where can I get one?

    The Auriga breastplate is available in black with stainless steel fittings and havana with brass fittings, priced around £139.

    Available from retailers including Elite Saddles.


    Elite Saddles, tel: 01254 853002 www.elitesaddles.co.uk

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (18 June, ’09)

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