15 brand new products to help you out around the yard *PICTURES*

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  • This week’s new to the market round-up features a variety of products from Bentley Brushware, Mirrors for training, Sentinel, Easibed, Heiniger, SolarHub, Nettex, Baileys, DucksWax, Back On Track, FMB Therapy, Equilibrium and Ogilvys.

    Bentley Brushware Patterns Range

    1. bentley patterns

    Bentley Brushware has introduced a new line of top quality equestrian products that aim to get young riders into good grooming habits. From vivacious purple to vibrant blue, Bentley Brushware has created a full collection of hard wearing, high quality grooming kits for younger riders, equipping them with everything they need to become experienced stable lads and lasses while adding an element of fun.
    RRP: £39.99
    Visit: www.buydirect4u.co.uk

    Mirrors for Training

    2. mirror

    Mirrors for Training has launched a new budget set of arena mirrors, offering riders a way to own four arena mirrors for just £1000 including delivery to UK mainland. The mirrors are 8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) in size and are made using 4mm mirror rather than the 6mm mirror that’s used in the professional version. They are backed and framed in galvanised steel, have safety film and impact absorbing cushioners, and also come supplied with installation brackets for fitting. An installation option is not available on the 4mm arena mirror set – DIY installation is required.
    RRP: £1000
    Visit: www.mirrorsfortraining.co.uk or call 01902 791207

    Sentinel Alarm and Tracker

    3. alarm

    Sentinel Alarm and Tracker is a fresh approach to security for tack rooms, as well as horse trailers and horse boxes with habitable areas. Completely portable, self contained and battery powered, Sentinel Alarm sends a text message straight to your mobile phone if it detects an intruder or vehicle movement. When alerted, you can call the device and listen in to what is happening. When used in a vehicle you also receive position updates from the built-in tracker. There are no contracts or ongoing charges to pay.
    RRP: from £79
    Visit: www.sentinelalarm.co.uk

    Easibed’s new look 20kg bale

    4. easibed

    Easibed’s new look bale encompasses a brand new Easibed token which can be cut out and collected for the chance to claim Easibed gifts. These Easi-tokens are Easibed’s way of thanking its customers for using their bedding. Easibed is made from clean, recycled white wood and offers a dust free, clean and comfortable bed for horses and a healthy working environment for horse lovers. It is a popular choice with many of the UK’s top trainers and riders including international show jumpers Ellen Whitaker and Billy Twomey and professional polo player Oli Hipwood.
    RRP: from £6.50
    Visit: www.easibed.co.uk or call 01613016600

    Heiniger Xplorer Cordless Clipper

    5. Heiniger Xplorer

    The Heiniger Xplorer cordless clipper aims to reduce stress and improve safety whilst still achieving a perfect finish by providing a safe way of clipping horses with no cumbersome power cords. The innovative Xplorer combines Li-Ion battery technology with a unique body design to help you achieve the perfect clip with ease. Slim and easy to use, this versatile clipper is quiet, providing less anxiety for your horse. A useful charge level indicator means you are never caught out when it comes to completing the job.
    Visit: www.coxagri.com or call 0845 600 80 81

    Nettex Zeozorb Stable Sanitiser

    6. zeozorb_8kg

    It is well documented that ammonia has a direct effect upon horse health, especially if they are stabled for long periods of time. To combat this issue Nettex has launched Zeozorb – a highly effective stable sanitiser. This micro-porous mineral, in a small granular form, is a natural detoxifier that completely removes the smell of ammonia. Nettex Zeozorb can be used on all types of bedding, on stable and lorry floors and any other wet areas that may harbour the smell of ammonia caused by urine. Zeozorb is odourless, unlike other stable sanitisers that give off a strong disinfectant smell, which allows a more natural breathing environment for the horse.
    RRP: £27.50 8kg
    Visit: www.nettexequine.com or call 01634 257150

    SolarHub’s Equestrian Lighting Solution

    7. SMH001 - SolarHub 16 - Kit

    For horse owners and riders facing the darker evenings ahead, Solar Technology International has an invaluable new lighting solution. The SolarHub can bring light to areas where there is no mains power – whether a stable, field shelter or dimly lit yard. The solar panel, which collects enough energy during daylight to provide up to six hours of light every day of the year at the flick of a switch, has a fantastic 20-year warranty while the battery is covered for two years.
    RRP: from £99.99
    Visit: www.solartechnology.co.uk

    Baileys high fibre complete nuggets

    8. High Fibre Complete

    Baileys high fibre complete nuggets are a chunky alternative to a standard high fibre cube and ideal for horses and ponies whose calorie requirements are low. They are fully balanced with vitamins and minerals and contain natural fibre sources, which now include alfalfa, providing highly digestible superfibres for slow release energy. High fibre complete nuggets contain irresistible flavours of essential oils and will keep horses chewing but also soften easily in water for the dentally-challenged equine.
    Visit: www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk or call 01371 850247


    9. SingleSmall_0010_save_04_crop_Correct_SBBG

    This water repelling leather tonic and wax cotton reproofing wax is manufactured in Somerset, using 100% natural products. DucksWax will moisturize, soften and preserve all your leather and is great for boots, tack, wax cotton jackets, chaps and waxed cotton turnout rugs. It comes complete with an applicator and is available in 100ml and 500ml tubs.
    RRP: £9.95
    Visit: www.duckswax.co.uk

    Back On Track fleece exercise sheet

    10. back on track

    The Back on Track Fleece Exercise Sheet incorporating Welltex technology provides excellent results when used as a warm up rug before and after intense periods of exercise. The sheet is also designed to be beneficial when used for the duration of general exercise.
    The Back on Track Fleece Exercise Sheet is shaped around the saddle area and has a velcro closure in front of the saddle. The rug is cut back around the lower flaps of the saddle allowing the rider’s legs to be directly in contact with the side of the horse.
    The area of the Back on Track Fleece Exercise Sheet that surrounds the saddle is made from durable, breathable polyester. The Back on Track Fleece Exercise Rug is available in black in sizes from 6”0 (125cm) to 7”3 (175cm).
    RRP: £132.50
    Visit: www.backontrack.com

    Activo-Med Vibro-Combi Floor from FMBs Therapy Systems

    11. activo-med combi floor3 [1]

    In line with its other performance and recovery equipment, FMBs Therapy Systems is delighted to introduce the Activo-Med Vibro-Combi Floor. For improved circulation, recovery and rehabilitation, this state-of-the-art product combines controlled vibration with pulsed electromagnetic therapy. It can also be purchased with integral weighing scales, stocks and/or a solarium if required. The Activo-Med Vibro-Combi Floor can be used in a number of different situations, whether this is pre warm up and post cool down, for recovery and rehabilitation, or even while you carry out tasks like plaiting and clipping.
    Visit: www.fmbs.co.uk or call 01494 883433

    Simplysunshine from Equilibrium

    12. simplysunshine with scoop

    Simplysunshine is a select blend of essential vitamins and minerals with yeast and beta carotene for extra radiance and summer shine all year round. With all the goodness of summer pasture, without unwanted energy and sugar, Simplysunshine is a convenient way to help provide missing nutrients.
    RRP: £14.95
    Visit: www.equilibriumproducts.com

    Raw Australian Jarrah Honey from Ogilvys

    13. AusJarrahHoney

    Ogilvys presents the Australian Jarrah honey, made from a single species of the Eucalyptus tree that is unique to Western Australia. Jarrah honey has high antimicrobial properties and significantly higher level of antioxidants than manuka honey. Research has that applying raw Jarrah honey daily to a wound can aid healing. The honey has also been used in the treatment of horses with sand colic – it’s mixed with feed to pick up the sand and assist in the natural passing through the intestine.
    RRP: £26.99 (240g)
    Visit: www.ogilvys.com or call 01780 450377


    14. computer-montage-2

    RouteShoot is the latest innovation in video, route tracking and collaborative working. It is a platform that enables GPS tagged video and images to be recorded, uploaded, stored and shared online. The RouteShoot platform is comprised of three key components, a free Smartphone application, a video hosting option and a web-based data delivery system. Brought together as a package, these elements combine to provide users with a simple, flexible and complete solution. Think HD camera footage, streaming features and data collection capturing; speed, elevation, precision and accuracy.
    RRP: website subscription from £4.99
    Visit: www.routeshoot.com

    Spillers weight management tool

    15. BCS in use

    Horse owners now have two new online tools at their fingertips to help them keep track of their horses’ body condition. Hot on the heels of the recent development by veterinary researchers of a Body Condition Index (BCI) for horses, Spillers has introduced the innovative online BCI calculator. This tool makes it easier for owners to manage their horses’ body condition via mobile and tablet devices, on the yard.
    RRP: free
    Visit: www.spillers-feeds.com/help-and-advice/BCS or call 01908 226626

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