Nosebleeds in horses *H&H Plus*

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    This article has been edited and approved by Karen Coumbe MRCVS, H&H’s veterinary advisor since 1991.
  • Is a nosebleed a minor issue requiring basic first aid or an emergency requiring prompt veterinary treatment? H&H explains…

    Although nosebleeds in horses can look alarming, they are reasonably common and in most cases are not serious. Even a small bleed – or epistaxis as vets describe it – can look dramatic, particularly when suffered by a grey horse.

    A true nosebleed tends to happen at rest, while blood seen in the nostrils after hard work is more likely to be originating from the lungs.

    There are some causes of nosebleeds that are a serious cause of concern as they risk leading to extensive loss of blood and even death if left untreated.

    Nosebleeds in horse: Is it serious? | Causes | Treatment | Diagnosis | Prognosis

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