Home alone: how to best keep your horse happy while stabled *H&H Plus*

Can enriching a horse’s stable environment help him cope with indoor life? Andrea Oakes

We know that a lifestyle spent largely indoors, and alone, is a long way from what’s natural and healthy for horses. If a stabled horse looks happy and seems well, however, can we assume that he is satisfied with his surroundings?

According to equine behaviour expert Dr Orla Doherty MRCVS, a horse’s outward appearance may not be as revealing as we imagine.

“He may seem absolutely fine – looking over the stable door, apparently interested, with a shiny coat,” she says. “But we should ask ourselves, ‘What must it be like for him?’ Horses have a very high motivational drive to carry out certain behaviours, so denying them the opportunity to do so will have a big impact.”

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