Have you done the paperwork? All you need to know about the microchipping process *H&H Plus*

  • Your horse may be microchipped, but have you let the paperwork lapse? A new law requires the process to be complete, discovers Andrea Oakes

    As of October 2020, new legislation requires that all horses, ponies and donkeys in England must be microchipped.

    While the organised owner may feel that they’ve already ticked this box, a surprising number of equines are not fully protected by this affordable identity safeguard.

    “Almost half of the horses on the central equine database (CED) are not linked to a microchip – either because they haven’t had a chip implanted or because the chip has not been registered with, or by, the horse’s passport-issuing organisation (PIO),” says David Mountford of the British Horse Council, referring to findings presented at the National Equine Forum in March.

    “Even among conscientious owners, a high proportion of the records provided to the database by the PIOs contained errors or were out of date.”