Scott Brash’s top horses — in his own words [H&H VIP]

  • The new world number one Scott Brash tells us about his top horses — past and present.

    Hello Sanctos (pictured top):He’s quite grumpy in the stable — he wants to be fed and left alone — but he knows exactly when it’s important. He’s really easy to travel and to fly. He’ll flop about at home until I have to get after him to get him working properly, but once he’s in the ring… He’s so clever and talented — the horse of a lifetime.”


    Ursula XII

    Ursula XII: “She’s the sweetest horse. She loves a fuss, has a lovely attitude and is a joy to ride.”

    Bon Ami

    Bon Ami

    Bon Ami: “I’ve had him since he was five — he’s an out-and-out winner who gives his whole heart to the job. He’s a little bit like Sanctos — lazy at home, but he knows his job and comes alive at a show. He’s a touch scared of flying and has to have a bigger stall.”

    intertoy z

    Intertoy Z

    Intertoy Z: “He’s now been sold to Nina Barbour, and he’ll have a lovely home for life with her. He put me on the map and I hope he can help her in the same way. He’s a friendly giant who loves attention — you can do anything with him.”

    Hello Annie

    Hello Annie

    Hello Annie: “We’re a new partnership. She gets a little stressed and is a bit of a worrier — she takes all night to eat her food, that sort of thing. I think she’s good, though.”

    Hello M'Lady

    Hello M’Lady

    Hello M’Lady: “She’s an eight-year-old and a real cracker. She’s off to Florida this month, which will hopefully be the making of her. She’s quite sharp and sensitive, but talented.”

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