Richard Davison: ‘Did amateur riders put their hobby over the health of others?’ *H&H Plus*


  • Richard Davison shares his thoughts on moral dilemmas for those competing overseas and vaccinating against EHV-1

    JUST when we thought our lives could not become any more dominated by a virus, the equestrian world is hit by another, the equine herpes virus (EHV-1).

    This is not a new virus and, over the years when competing in the USA and other countries, I recall the vaccination being mandatory. However, there is no vaccine to protect against the neurological variant, which can be fatal and has made life a living hell for competitors at Valencia CSI as their sick and dying horses were locked down on-site.

    I hope that those who have returned to the UK, where EHV is currently not an officially notifiable disease, will adhere strictly to the quarantine guidelines, even if only for the sake of everyone else’s horses.

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