Nick Skelton: Lives are more important than sport *H&H Plus*


We had 48 horses down in Spain for the Sunshine Tour, but I had returned home for the Cheltenham Festival when the call came in that the country was going into lockdown and we had to get everyone home immediately. It was just a case of get yourselves out of there as quickly as you could, and we did.

We’ve actually been busier than ever in the three weeks since – all the horses have been kept in work because it’s still too wet to turn them out and we just have no idea when shows may start running again.

We’re very fortunate that the whole family lives within half a mile of each other and nearly all our staff – both for the showjumpers and at my son Dan’s racing yard – live on the premises so we can carry on as best we can and don’t have to travel any further than down the road. The only member of the team we’ve sent home is Big Star’s groom Mark Beever, who is diabetic, so is much better off to be holed up in self isolation, although I’m not sure he’s enjoying it much.