Mary King: There’s life in the old girl yet! *H&H Plus*


H&H’s eventing columnist enjoys competing in the “new normal” – and scores a win

I’ve now been to six events and it’s been a strange time: very enjoyable in many aspects, but always with the underlying worry that this cannot be sustainable long term. What has been great are the sensible practices – such as printing your own number sheets and paying start fees online (and getting them refunded if you don’t compete), all of which I hope will stay and reduce organisers’ workload and riders’ time at events in future.

Being able just to turn up, compete and go home has been refreshing and relaxing. The warm-ups are quieter and, as Andrew Nicholson mentioned (column, 30 July issue), the lack of commentary was blissful – Tweseldown, the first competition I went to, was so peaceful. Of course, riders are rarely aware of commentary while on course, but the continual noise can be tiring in the lorry park. I always try to avoid parking next to a speaker.