Mary King: Five-star long format must remain the pinnacle *H&H Plus*


  • H&H’s eventing columnist on 2020’s heroes, and which events should be the top of our sport

    As I write, the rain is pouring down and news has come in that Dauntsey this weekend has sadly had to be cancelled but, on balance, we have had it pretty good in the West Country. There has been an accessible event most weekends, keeping the diesel bills down, and I still have Calmsden, Bovington and Bicton to go.

    All have been well supported to the extent that Andrew Reeve, the organiser of Launceston in Cornwall, decided, for the first time, to have a second running; he had plenty of entries and, amazingly, had managed, with Lucy McCarthy’s design, to reverse the cross-country so that it was presented as a completely different course.