Mark Phillips: Do we really need prize money? *H&H Plus*


H&H’s eventing columnist questions whether regular events need to offer cash rewards

September is here and eventing is still going, in part at least. Those venues that are running seem to be amazingly successful, with record entries and competitors being respectful of each other and Covid-19.

Sadly, though, there have been too many casualties, including the recent news that Ballindenisk cannot take international entries. So many people from this side of the Irish Sea wanted to go. There were plans for everybody to be tested, travel on the same ferry, to stay in Ireland in one compound and even have food brought into that area, but still organisers could not satisfy local regulations.

Everybody who is competing is getting used to “paperless eventing” and it saves organisers money. Some are enjoying no commentary, but more prefer to hear what is going on. Owners are inevitably frustrated when only one of them per horse is allowed on site, but most are accepting this as just one more coronavirus frustration.