Daniel Cherriman: New staff are a ‘fuel injection’ *H&H Plus*


H&H’s hunting columnist enthuses about new team members, and the benefit that social media can bring...

It feels as though summer is coming to an end, rather than just beginning, such has been the length of good weather we’ve been enjoying. I’m sure the sunshine has done much to alleviate some of the gloom that might have descended upon the nation during the lockdown and we can be grateful for that, particularly all of us who live or work outside in the countryside.

May is often a transitional month in the life of hunt kennels. Staff who were moving or retiring will have done so on the first of the month and new staff have arrived. We have enjoyed great continuity of staff here at Brixworth over the years, with only two whippers-in and two countrymen spanning the past 11 years or so, and this is the first time we have had two changes in the same year.