Anna Ross: Trotting towards our ‘new normal’ *H&H Plus*


H&H’s dressage columnist on the return of shows, and online initiatives and opportunities

Lockdown is easing a little and we are making our way up the centre line towards our “new normal” at the collected trot, with plenty of half-halts for reflection. British Dressage (BD) competitions may resume in July, but there are concerns from some competition venues that they may need more support staff for a much-reduced field. Many centres are already struggling, so I hope there is a way to compete safely and viably.

In the interim, BD has brought in the concept of training shows, which seems to be a good step forward and a way to get back into test riding. This concept has been running in the Netherlands for many years and it is a great way to get feedback from a judge and to try out new strategies in the arena.