Andrew Sallis: A very good job done by all *H&H Plus*


  • Our long-suffering vale farmers now bid us farewell as we head for the hills and woodland for the twilight of the season. Their relief is only matched by mine at not having to ask them again until autumn.

    February also means the hunt AGM and the pantomime. Contrary to rumour, these are separate events, and as I appear on stage at both, the tin hat might get two outings in a fortnight. By the time this column appears, both will be over, gloriously I hope — although with hindsight, the hundreds at the pantomime may be wishing they’d opted for last week’s AGM formality after seeing my efforts in the cancan.

    Voluntary humiliation is par for the course for an MFH, but I am assured that by now the video will be locked in a secret vault, as I never want to see it.