Adam Cromarty: ‘Collecting rings are now safe havens’ *H&H Plus*


  • Adam Cromarty ponders the next steps for the sport and raising the bar

    THE latest easing of restrictions has felt like a weight lifted and during this long journey, British Equestrian and its member bodies did a tremendous job of getting the sport back up and running. Protocols were quickly put together to bring us back as a single-player sport and training shows were introduced. But what’s next?

    There are definitely some keepers included within these recent changes. I think pre-entry and drawn orders for all competitions were long overdue. Similarly, the majority of people seem to hope that the collecting ring remains the safe haven it’s become, with a steward to adjust the practice fences and a limit on numbers.

    When these changes were introduced, we quickly adjusted – although I did have to smile at a recent show when a lady, who had been on a hiatus from competing due to having a baby, walked into the office on competition day to ask if this is where she could enter.

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