RDA’s appeal to equestrians as social distancing proves a major challenge *H&H Plus*

As many riding schools have reopened and most competitive riders are able to head out for training and shows once again, the Riding for the Disabled Association is struggling to get back to normal as social distancing measures prove exceptionally difficult to navigate. H&H finds out more about the challenges being faced...

Equestrians have been urged not to overlook a vital part of the industry that has still not been able to get back to any sort of normality.

Although riding schools have reopened and competitions are running in most disciplines, the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) still has the handbrake on. Social distancing measures have allowed other equestrian activities to resume safely, but the nature of the RDA’s work means participants, volunteers and staff have to be close together.

RDA chief executive Ed Bracher told H&H the organisation is supporting its groups to reopen but only about 20% have been able to, for on average less than 10% of their clients.

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