A memorable day’s hunting with the East Cornwall *H&H Plus*

  • The “correspondent’s curse” strikes as November gales hit Cornwall’s exposed moors, but the hunting community and a determined pack make for a memorable day nonetheless, writes Beanie Sturgis

    East Cornwall, Lower Priddacombe Farm, Cornwall, 2 November

    Sometimes you need a spot of breakfast before a day’s hunting. What you don’t expect is to be asked by the lady making you a bacon roll and a coffee in the Subway at Bodmin, “Where you to today? Ketchup? ’Spect you’d be going to the East Cornwall. Milk? My father whipped-in to them for 24 seasons before going to the Spooner’s. Sugar? You won’t believe it but ’parently they got the Horse & Hound out today. That’s £4.80.” Very small world, especially in hunting.

    Graham Higgins has been a master and huntsman of the East Cornwall since they amalgamated with the Bolventor Harriers in 1997 and held the same post with those since 1983. When the packs united, the deal was that they kept the East Cornwall name but the green coat and red collar of the harriers.