Dressage highlights: ‘It was the test of my life’ *H&H Plus*

  • A petite but tricky gelding finally shows what he’s made of, while a Friesian show-off causes a stir

    Cockshot, Cheshire

    “I was beaming from ear to ear on the last centre line,” said Lisa Marriott, after a dramatically different grand prix performance with Valucio, which earned 74.3%. “It was the test of my life – the first ‘clear round’ we’ve ever had.”

    Lisa’s struggle with her “notoriously spooky” 11-year-old gelding has seen the pair retire from numerous tests.

    “He may be barely 16hh but he has a massive character,” explained Lisa, who shares a birthday with the fully jumping-bred “Rocket” – so named because of his “hold on for the ride” attitude. “The only reason I haven’t given up with him is because I’m more stubborn than he is. But at last he is getting a handle on it, and now that we can go past things like flowerpots I can finally ride the test.