Delivery driver’s safe passing of horse shows impact of work being done *H&H Plus*

H&H speaks to the British Horse Society’s director of safety and the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme governance manager about the latest inititatives that are taking place to help educate drivers...

The exemplary passing of a horse by an Asda delivery driver – which prompted the rider to shop online for the first time – is an example of how work on improving road safety is having an effect.

Joanne Alexander-Sefre was riding with her daughter Azar in Essex, on 3 June when they heard a vehicle approach from behind.

Joanne told H&H they were on a double bend, on which she has had bad experiences.

“But this driver was exceptional,” she said. “I thought ‘there you go, Asda, you’ve got my business’!” Joanne, who had never ordered groceries online, booked a slot as soon as she got home.

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