Cranwell Bloodhounds: ‘A blur of galloping and jumping’ *H&H Plus*

  • These characterful bloodhounds put on a fast-paced day for the enthusiastic field, with plenty of jumping and fun to be had by everyone reports Will Cursham following the meet at Temple House in Lincolnshire

    It may seem unlikely, but the Cranwell Bloodhounds were founded by the late Phil Broughton and his wife Wendy as a result of a children’s television programme.

    “One day Phil was at a friend’s house and a Channel 4 kids’ programme called It’s a Dog’s Life was on the TV,” recounted Wendy. “Each week they featured different dogs and that week they featured the Coakham Bloodhounds.

    When Phil saw the bloodhounds baying and the horses jumping, he just loved it.”
    Phil and Wendy immediately went about setting up their own pack of bloodhounds: “It was 1992 and we went to visit every pack of bloodhounds we could, to get an idea of what would be involved,” recalled Wendy.

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