Need for tougher sentences highlighted by vile attack on horse *H&H Plus*

  • A year on from a serious attack that lead to a horse being put down, fresh calls are being made for tougher sentences to be introduced for animal abuse. H&H finds out more...

    A HORRIFIC attack on a horse has highlighted discrepancies in the law, and the need for tougher sentences for animal abuse.

    Owner Tracy Grantham is calling for a specific law for attacks on animals, after her 17-year-old mare Sindy was put down on 29 October 2019 owing to injuries sustained when she was targeted in her field by an intruder.

    Sindy’s rug had been removed and her injuries included an 11-inch long slash and a six-inch deep wound to her shoulder, believed to have been caused by a knife. Although Suffolk Police investigated the incident, no one was caught.


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