Calls for owners to be vigilant for laminitis *H&H Plus*

  • H&H canvasses opinions from vets and farriers, who are warning horse owners to be on guard for laminitis and calling for them to be honest with themselves about their horses’ weight so action can be taken if weight loss is needed...

    Owners are being reminded about the importance of being vigilant about laminitis all year round — and not focusing on it as a “seasonal” disease.

    Professionals are urging owners to act now to reduce horses’ and ponies’ weight, and to seek immediate veterinary advice if they see signs of the condition.

    Chloe Casalis de Pury, of Buckinghamshire-based Chess Valley Equine Vets, has treated two acute cases of laminitis this year involving ponies who had no history of the disease — and were being kept on “bare” paddocks.

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    Contrary to myth, laminitis occurs all year-round and not just in the spring. It is an emergency that needs prompt