How much is a horse worth? H&H investigates… *H&H Plus*

  • In our horses for sale special issue of the magazine, we speak to agents, producers and other equine sellers to find out how they decide what a horse is worth when putting it up for sale...

    When it comes to putting a price on a good horse, where do you start? Whether you’re looking for the next Milton or want to enjoy the journey of seeing a super-smart youngster progress from pre-training to Cheltenham, how do those in the business calculate the value of those animals?

    “A horse is only worth what somebody is willing to pay,” says leading event horse agent Rachel Wakefield of Uptown Eventing. “There is no true value of a horse. It is like a painting or a house — it is guided by what is on the market at the time. Market value is determined by what a seller believes is an achievable price and what a buyer is prepared to pay, usually after some negotiation.

    “We have lots of factors to consider: age, experience, competition results, breeding, the producer, associated production methods, skills and costs, as well as veterinary history.