Those were the days: H&H readers remember the way things used to be *H&H Plus*

From contributing to the war effort and transporting horses by train to learning the hard way – H&H readers remember the way things used to be

A royal rally

I have often felt the young of today have no idea what it was like living before and during the war on a farm without today’s “toys”!

I was 10 when the war was declared and virtually an only child with two brothers far older than me. I was reared on a huge farm which was geared to produce food.

“Dig for Victory” was the 1939 slogan and every acre was utilised to do just that, whether in animal or vegetable form.

My entertainment came from 24 Suffolk working horses, a pony and a few tame rabbits. There was the very occasional Pony Club rally in the summer holidays, and Battle of Britain gymkhanas held on a Saturday afternoon in the early 1940s on various local village greens to make a few pennies – for charity of course.