‘The best days of our lives’: We compare 1950s Pony Club with today *H&H Plus*

Mobile phones, tack and jods may have reshaped our riding culture, but is a Pony Clubber’s lifestyle so very different? Andrea Oakes compares the 1950s with today

The fifties…

“I remember that day clearly,” laughs Sarita Perkins, referring to an old photo from the 1956 Pony Club interbranch championships. “Look at the jump – it’s tied up with string over an old bathtub. I was riding a tricky horse called Punch. He was a devil; he did a lovely cross-country round but wouldn’t go over the first fence in the showjumping. I was so disappointed!”

Sarita, now 75, enjoyed rallies, camps and competitions as a member of Cornwall’s Western Hunt branch. Her elephant-ear jods were typical of the time, worn with a tweed coat and – for cross-country, but not always at home – a velvet hat with an elastic strap.