Summer management: How top riders keep their horses happy in hotter climates *H&H Plus*

When the mercury does decide to rise on home turf, riders who have spent stints in sunnier climes are well prepared for keeping their horses in peak condition, finds Madeleine Silver

Former Badminton winner Sam Griffiths has an admission. When he made the move from Australia to the UK in 1995, he welcomed hard ground with open arms.

“All the British riders would pull their horses out and so you had more of a chance of doing well,” he laughs. “Obviously over the years my attitude has changed a bit – it is very much case by case for the horses.”

More recently, when Japanese eventer Kazuma Tomoto arrived at William Fox-Pitt’s yard in 2017 from his base in Tokyo – where temperatures average 31°C in mid-summer, with nearly 80% humidity – the cool Dorset breeze came as a welcome relief.