Ride of my life: David Broome *H&H Plus*

  • David Broome recalls his ride at the 1969 European Showjumping Championships...

    Mister Softee and I were in third place as the final day of the European Championships at Hickstead dawned in 1969. I knew that if I took the last leg we could win.

    I had been riding Mister Softee for about three years by that point and I knew him pretty well. He must have been 15 or 16. He was a cool horse, but sharp in his reactions. He was very quick with a wonderful technique, his front end just disappeared and that’s what made him so efficient over a fence.

    There were two rounds left to be jumped, both against the clock. The first round was over 18 jumps – the first six fences made up the speed element, the second part comprised six puissance-style fences and the last six were Nations Cup fences.