Revealed: The best jobs if you want to juggle horses and a career *H&H Plus*

H&H’s amateur survey has uncovered which jobs are most compatible with a competitive lifestyle – or do riders simply make it work? Martha Terry crunches the data

One of our sport’s USPs is that even amateur riders who work full time and not with horses can compete against an Olympic athlete – albeit on an inexperienced horse. And most amateurs do need to work hard at their “real job” to earn enough to compete. It’s about finding a career that’s compatible with our passion, with a decent salary (and boss) but without a crippling workload or commute.

H&H ran a survey of our readers to find out which “day jobs” were the most common among working riders competing at affiliated level. While the survey will gain no PhD for breadth of research, thanks to the 170 riders who contributed we can see some interesting trends. Mostly though, it’s a case of the rider’s will finding the way – whatever their situation, they make it work.