Mindset training: How to harness your nervous energy to improve your performance *H&H Plus*

Learning to harness your nervous energy will enable you to use competition jitters to enhance your performance. Performance psychologist Charlie Unwin explains how in this final part of his mental fitness training series

These are, for your mind, what balance, rhythm and accuracy are for your riding:

Fundamental #1 – win the day
Fundamental #2 – create the space
Fundamental #3 – relax into it
Fundamental #4 – train your feel
Fundamental #5 – train your nervesNew series on keeping fit at home

Training your nerves is perhaps what most people associate with sport psychology. To be successful, we must learn to embrace nerves as part of the competition experience, and harness the energy they give us.

To do so, we need to combine the previous “Fundamentals of Mental Fitness” together, so I hope you’ve been practising!

There is a difference between training your nerves and merely coping with nerves.