Life lessons from showing producer Sam Roberts *H&H Plus*

Sam has been showing ponies since she was nine, turning professional in 2004. She has produced many national champions and had multiple wins at Horse of the Year Show and the Royal International, and won the mountain and moorland final at Olympia. She trains a mix of her own and clients’ ponies.

Growing up, I idolised all the greats: Mary King, Carol Gilbert-Scott, Anky van Grunsven, Richard Dunwoody, Tim Stockdale and, of course, Carl Hester. My house is full of books they’ve written. When I was younger I was very ambitious and driven, and while they are great qualities to have, with horses you have to put things into perspective. Success doesn’t always come in the form of a ribbon. Sometimes the rewards are teaching a youngster to pick up the correct canter lead or starting a pony off to jump.

I’m still very driven in all I do. The phrase “quitters never win yet winners never quit” rings true with me. However, while I believe it’s good to be stubborn about your goals I do think you have to be flexible with your methods.