Life lessons: show producer Kirstine Douglas *H&H Plus*

Kirstine is a leading showing figure who is based in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. She has been producing horses and ponies for just under 30 years and over that time she has won accolades at all major shows, including championships at Horse of the Year Show and the Royal International. She is also a British Horse Society (BHS) accredited trainer.

When I was 28, I was unlucky enough to have a life-threatening blood clot. It went right from the top of my lungs down to my groin and I was in intensive care for five weeks. On leaving, I was under strict instructions from the consultant to take it easy and not ride. But – me being me – within three weeks of being home I was back on a horse. When I went back to see him he couldn’t believe how much the leg had gone down; he was gobsmacked and hailed horse riding as the cure for any swelling.

The injury did change how I used my leg when riding, until in 2004, when I was asked to take on a horse who was due to compete in the Paralympics later in the year. A trainer came over from America to help establish a training and fitness program for him.