Life lessons: Dressage rider Richard Davison *H&H Plus*

  • Richard has represented Great Britain at four Olympic Games, including London 2012 riding Hiscox Artemis. He is also a European medallist, a former World Class performance manager and British Dressage team captain.

    In our family, there’s a saying: “They can who believe that they can.” I first saw it at my grandparents’ house, framed at the top of the stairs. One day it was missing. Apparently the cleaner slipped while dusting it and broke the frame. I came across the broken pieces in the attic and have decided to have it repaired. But this time, I might hang it on the ground floor.

    When it comes to training tips, the one I live by is to treat every horse as an individual and work within its own strengths and weaknesses. I also think it’s important to keep learning about horse anatomy and function; it will support your riding and training efforts. When I started to learn about neuromuscular and motor control, everything fell into place, especially the role of consistency when trying to embed pathways for equine behaviour and horse sport.