Life lessons: Ian Boylan on patience, pot-washing and hydration *H&H Plus*

The in-hand show producer on the importance of patience, his obsession with breeding the best and his days as a restaurant manager.

Ian Boylan says: “I always maintain the importance of real, honest stable management. With youngsters, it’s all about keeping them happy and content as well as injury free. All my horses go out in the field regularly and have lots of rest in between shows, with plenty of downtime and peace and quiet. I’m fanatical about deep beds, which encourages them to lie down and relax properly.

“I treat the stallions like normal horses; they’re never segregated and everything is done to improve their general wellbeing.

“These days, I’m more patient with my horses. When I was younger, I was so hungry to do things that I probably didn’t give some of them enough time and got carried away by my own drive. I wanted to be really good, but some animals need more time and I have learnt that you can’t push a young horse. I don’t like to see them doing too much too soon.

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