Your hunter is fit and raring to go, but what to do now we’re in lockdown? H&H investigates… *H&H Plus*

  • There’s no hunting, yet many of us have fit, clipped horses. Let’s find ways still to enjoy them, says Catherine Austen

    Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go. Nearly every hunting person in the country has a horse that’s fit and primed for the good spell of sport that so often follows Christmas. However, we’re in lockdown.

    There’s no point trying to second-guess; we don’t know when we might be able to get going again, but let’s stay positive.

    Certainly if there is any chance of a few more days’ hunting, we want our horses to be ready to be able to make the most of them. And it’s January, it’s freezing cold and there’s no grass. Everybody’s set-up is different, but just chucking your horses out doesn’t seem fair or kind.

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