How to spot a well-made hound *H&H Plus*

  • It’s a considerable honour to be invited to the hunt kennels to see the hounds, but what are you looking for? What does a well-made hound look like? Frank Houghton Brown explains the basics

    People hunt for all sorts of reasons, but even if you hunt to ride or just for the social aspects, there is no escaping the fact that the hounds are at the core of it all.

    Invitations to puppy shows are at the behest of the masters, but subscribers are included along with farmers and puppy walkers. If someone shows an interest, they may get asked to a special viewing of the hounds at the kennels. It’s an honour to be invited to either, but what exactly are you looking for when you get there?

    The Duke of Beaufort’s hounds get more summer visits than any other pack. During the months of May and June, there are parties of visitors to their Badminton kennels every week, which range from local hunt staff to hunt stalwarts, puppy walkers and car-followers who love the hounds. The Friday afternoon of the Badminton Horse Trials is always kept open to show people around the kennels. The Countryside Foundation runs estate days at Badminton in early June each year and roughly 500 urban and local children get a tour of the kennels during these valuable educational experiences.