Goodnight – Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary: Pony prices make me goggle *H&H Plus*

Tessa Waugh baulks at the going rate for 14.2hhs just as her children seem so happy on the ponies they are rapidly growing out of – and an exciting trip to Middlesbrough provides inspiration

Both Mary and Alec are getting on well with their ponies at the moment, albeit in limited circumstances with no shows or competitions on the cards.

I scrutinise them as they plod off for another ride around the farm, fully aware that it will not be long before they have grown out of Rusty and Sally.

That is one of the annoying things about children and ponies: no sooner have they forged a bond with one, that you need to start looking for another. Alec will need a 14.2hh next year and I worry that bigger ponies seem to cost the same as horses, in some cases more. I spoke to a friend who has recently picked up a tried and tested 13.3hh for her daughter to grow into.