Goodnight — Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary *H&H Plus*

Life in one of Britain’s most sparsely populated counties is always an exercise in social isolation, but Tessa Waugh comes to terms with the ongoing effects of the global health crisis

What a difference a week can make. This time two weeks ago, coronavirus was still something happening out there in the wider world. Watching our neighbours in Italy and Spain, it was clear that big changes were imminent at home too, but life was carrying on as normal. Now, everything has been cancelled, and we are trying our best to stay at home.

“Life as normal for you lot,” quipped one of the builders, who are still working away on the house next door. And of course, he has a point. Living on a farm, in one of Britain’s most sparsely populated counties, we are better off than most when it comes to space away from other human beings. But we will all be affected by this in one way or another and no one knows how long it will continue.