Goodnight – Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary: ‘Autumn dawn magic’ *H&H Plus*

Tessa Waugh succeeds in numbing her unease over the creeping lockdown restrictions in the best way possible – an idyllic early morning’s autumn hunting and a happy woodland hack

We are at it again. Reaching out from beneath the duvet in the small hours to punch the alarm clock before pulling on breeches, slugging from cups of tea and making a dash in the pre-dawn darkness. Autumn hunting mornings never lose their magic; precious hours snatched from the day which are romantic and exciting. Once you have managed to get vertical the worst is over: you roll up in your vehicle, greet your friends quietly from a distance, ride out together in the soft autumn morning. Nothing beats it.

One morning last week, it was hot and sunny, the air heavy and still. Any old sage would tell you that attempting to hunt a trail in these conditions was doomed to fail.