Goodnight – Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary: A roll-up on the go *H&H Plus*

Some people are just natural horsemen, says Tessa Waugh, as an old friend joins her for a day’s hunting and proves as (irritatingly) brilliant as ever – rocking an Edwardian nagsman look

There’s nothing like old friends, is there? The people you’ve known for years. Guy Landau was staying here this week having finished his first season as master and huntsman of the Meynell and South Staffs – like many they were forced to finish early due to the wet weather. Adam got to know Guy and his wife, Emma, about 15 years ago when he was hunting the South and West Wilts, bonding over a succession of table-sized steaks, lurchers and hunting.

Guy was riding show horses at the time for John Dunlop and would come out most days on a brilliant little horse called Bob The Cob, rocking an “Edwardian nagsman” look, short legs thrust forward in the old-fashioned style, roll-up on the go, opening gates for Adam and relishing being at the sharp end on a hunting day.