Equestrianism’s quest to improve thanks to technology *H&H Plus*

Still looking for an edge? Sport may be off for now, but the quest to improve, innovate and scrutinise continues. Lucy Higginson investigates behind the scenes in British sport

Could fighter pilot technology help give Britain’s equestrian teams a competitive edge for Tokyo next year? What sounds like a comic teaser on Have I Got News For You, in fact is not: the British Equestrian Federation (BEF)and BAE Systems really have been working together to develop a “bespoke environmental monitoring unit” called Equus-Sense.

The unit builds on the sensors used to monitor cockpit conditions and air quality in Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft. Now our horses should benefit from technology developed for pilots, as the system will monitor sound, vibration, humidity, dust and more as they fly all the way to Tokyo.