Your once in a lifetime chance to save our bridleways *H&H Plus*

  • The time to save certain bridleways is ticking down. Lucy Elder looks at ongoing local and national efforts and how you can make a difference

    Tapping into the wealth of riders’ local knowledge and advancements in technology is proving vital in the quest to protect and improve off-road hacking across the country.

    Riders don’t need statistics to tell them that the roads are busier than ever. The figures, of course, back this. There were 38.9 million licensed vehicles in Britain in 2019 – to put into perspective how fast the numbers are rising, this is an increase of 3.3 million in just four years. So what is being done to protect and improve off-road access and what difference can one person really make?

    The good news and simple answer is that much is happening and individuals can make a huge difference.

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