Badminton’s backstage heroes: The people who make the horse trials happen *H&H Plus*

Running Badminton requires the time, energy and skill of thousands of people every year. Catherine Austen speaks to a few of the key players about their roles and favourite memories

Margaret Hopkins, stable manager

Margaret’s role as stud groom at Badminton encapsulates anything equestrian that happens on the estate, which means she is stable manager during the event.

“We have 110 stables spread over various yards, and as soon as hunting finishes all the boxes are cleaned out, pressure washed and disinfected, and any maintenance done,” says Margaret, who has been at Badminton since 2009. “The competitors start arriving from Monday. We supply straw and shavings – if riders want anything else, they can order it through me and we will try to supply anything within reason.”