At home with hounds: We go behind the scenes at two hunt kennels *H&H Plus*

What really goes on in hunt kennels? How are hounds exercised and fed? Beanie Sturgis reveals the daily routine for two very different packs of hounds

Is there ever a moment that ignites more passion and excitement in a hunting soul than the sight of a fit, happy pack of hounds bouncing in to a meet? The hopes and expectation for a great, a middling, or indeed any sort of day are why we all polish, clean and scrub tack, horses, kit and children. Then we run around trying to get every one to the meet on time while not treading in every muddy puddle before even getting on a horse.

We all know our own routines and timescales, but how much do we really know about what goes on behind the scenes on a hunting morning in the kennels? Does the calm demeanour and immaculate turnout of hunt staff really indicate what has to happen to make such an impact?