All in a day’s work: The semen collector *H&H Plus*

  • Josh Steer on helping to preserve rare breeds, working with Big Star and why there is never a dull day in his “weird” job

    I’ve always wanted to work with horses. I wanted to be a cowboy, then a vet. A yard I was at when I was 12 or 13 did a bit of breeding and I found that interesting even at that age – but never thought I’d end up doing this job.

    I meet amazing horses, amazing people and I have my own stallion here at Stallion AI Services, who’s an absolute superstar; I ride him at lunchtimes and collect from him, too. I’ve never had a bad day here, it’s always good fun.

    I used to back and start young horses, but I got more and more into breeding. I started my own small stud six years ago, and wanted to do even more, especially preserving rare breeds. I came to Stallion AI Services for a week, and never left.