All in a day’s work: The equestrian volunteer *H&H Plus*

Teaching and “giving back” to organisations like the Pony Club has been a way of life for point-to-point trainer Doreen Calder

I collect horses and at present I have about 35 in total, including four broodmares, their foals and older offspring. The majority live outdoors and we have seven in, which we hunt. Later in the year we will point-to-point some of the others. Ordinarily, the mornings are spent feeding the outdoor ones and riding the ones that are in with my helpers Jenny Foster and Nicki Richie.

In the afternoon I deal with anything that needs doing on the farm. I did learn to drive a tractor years ago, but I was so bad at it that they didn’t let me do it very often – it’s one of the lessons you learn in life, not to look too competent at anything.