5 minutes with: Showing producer Katy Marriott-Payne *H&H Plus*

The showing producer on piano skills, fighter pilot ambitions and why there’s no place like home

Northamptonshire-based Katy is one of the leading producers of native ponies. She has won Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) countless times, scooping the mountain and moorland championship with Cadlanvalley Buzby in 2016. She has also won the native supreme at Olympia more than once; most recently with Welsh section B Cadlanvalley Sandpiper.

What’s the best book or last book you’ve read?
I’m not much of a reader; I don’t sit still for long enough to read unless I’m on holiday and then it’s usually something terrible I’ve bought in the airport on the way.

What are your favourite tunes for a road-trip?
As the sole lorry driver, road-trip tunes are so important to keep me going. My music taste is vast, but we always like a good singalong in our “red bus”. Anything from ABBA to Green Day, with Queen, Pink and Beyoncé mixed in.

If you weren’t a rider, you would…
Probably have joined the RAF. I was a cadet during school and my father never wanted me to do horses. I used to joke I’d be a Tornado pilot! Nowadays, I think I’d enjoy ambulance driving.