Your favourites of 2002

  • When Horse & Hound asked readers to vote for their most memorable moments, horses and riders of last year, we were flooded with votes This is how you voted.

    New face of the year

    Winner: Zara Phillips
    Runners-up: Nicola McGivern; Jim Culloty; Jamie Wingrave

    Horse of the year

    Winner: Supreme Rock
    Runners-up: Blue Circle Boy; Rock Of Gibraltar; Liscalgot

    Quagmire of the year

    Winner: Hickstead Derby
    Runners-up: Dublin Show; Point-to-point; Midland Counties Show

    Splat of the year

    Winner: Blyth Tait and Ready Teddy, who took a dip in the lake at WEG
    Runners-up: Louis Basty’s driving team, who lost a groom coming out of the bullring at WEG; Timmy Murphy, only recently back from injury, who fell off his mount Mitcheldean at Chepstow; Warwickshire joint-master Jules Hodgkinson, who took an unscheduled dismount from his mount during an H&H photo shoot.

    Cock-up of the year

    Winner: The Scottish Hunting Bill
    Runners-up: Panorama and Kenyon Confronts focus on the Jockey Club; failing to take a reserve dressage horse to the World Equestrian Games; eventers who were eliminated for missing out one of the fences at the Gatcombe Festival of Eventing.

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