Young Drivers National Championships

  • Robin Hyde-Chambers and his skewbald Cob/Trotter Riot were the impressive winners of the new national 18 to 25 years age division at the Young Drivers National Championships held at Escrick Park in Yorkshire (29-30 September).

    Robin, 21, works with horses full-time at Cooks Carriages in Hockley, Essex, driving for weddings and funerals.

    Edward Foster, who was third in the novice driver single pony division at the recent 2007 national championships at Catton Park, finished runner-up ahead of Sarah Meredith.

    Mark Bell, 16, from Essex won the 15 to 17 years championship title, driving his 12-year-old black Welsh Cob Abberon Black Pearl.

    Marathon-winner Rosanna Walter-Symons, 15, finished less than 1pen behind Mark with her black Welsh section D gelding, Bailey.

    Scotland’s Ollie Dernie, 23, and Prince were winners in the non-national 18 to 25 years class from Ruth White.

    Swansea-based Tamara Hughes, 14, was victorious in the competitive 13 to 14 years division with 22-year-old chestnut Welsh pony, Menai Chocolate, to take the title from Jade Jeffrey.

    Fleur Snow, 11, won the 10 to 12 years championship well with her Welsh section A, Gorfelyn Luca Cwmane.

    Read this report in full in the current issue of Horse & Hound (11 October, ’07)

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